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12 Days to Official Tick-Off

A trucking client of eQA's in Western Australia, was in the running for a $2.1 million contract with a major international company.

However, they did not have ISO 9001 certification and this was one of the must-have conditions of the contract.

They looked into implementing such a system themselves but soon realised they did not have the experience, knowledge and more importantly TIME.  They needed ISO 9001 certification in place urgently to win the contract.

Initially they were told it was impossible to put in a complete Quality Management System and be ISO 9001 certified within a month – they were looking at a 3-6 month minimum turnaround.  This was not acceptable for the client in view of the size of the contract.

Fortunately,  they found eQA through a Google search and contacted us about the possibility of a fast implementation of a Quality Management System for ISO 9001 certification. 

eQA got the client certified in twelve working days, thus winning the $2.1million contract.  An eQA record! 

Throughout the process the client was able to get on with their business as eQA took care of everything, including organising a Perth-based certification auditor. The client's only involvement was with reviewing the manual and ensuring all the appropriate processes and procedures were accounted for and correct.  eQA attended the audit and acted as a representative of the company.

It is a myth that a Quality Management System takes months to implement.  At eQA our average implementation time is 4 weeks.  This is typically a comfortable timeline for the client. 

Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote or to talk through the process.

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