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3 Easy Steps To Getting You Off The Tools

3 Easy Steps To Getting You Off The Tools

Want to learn how to get off the tools?

Business owners are the Entrepreneurs & Innovators of the industry.  We have the knowledge, experience and foresight to take existing ideas and processes and make them: better, easier, more efficient, more economically viable.  We take ideas & concepts and make them a reality.


As Entrepreneurs & Innovators, we have done the hard work, made theory in practice and made a business work.


In too many cases, you as the business owner, can then become so entrenched in your business, because you are the heart, soul, life blood, name & face of your business that you no longer have the time to innovate and to do what you truly love.


You’ve started your business because you wanted a better lifestyle, you want to work without someone else’s constraints and be your own boss.  As your business grows and becomes more successful, you need to spend more time working in your business and your lifestyle dream slowly disappears.


How do we help?

We need to extract your knowledge & experience by asking the right questions in order to put the information into a format for your staff to do the job correctly.  You started the business and know the way it has to work to satisfy your customers.

We systemise your business so it will work the same whether you are there or not.  This will ensure you don’t have to be constantly checking work or putting out spot fires and allow you to step back and work on your business.  This can include:

  1. Undertaking a Business Development role to grow your business;
  2. Review & improve your processes;
  3. Become a Leader / Mentor for your senior staff;
  4. Perform on-the-job training & skills upgrade for your staff; or
  5. Put your retirement plan into place so you can go on your terms.


We give you your time back so you can have the lifestyle you deserve. Our aim is to have you only needing to work 3 days a week in your business.

3 Easy Steps to getting you off the tools:


  1. Write down what you do in the business – so this in bullet points, no matter how small or simple you think a task or step is, write it down in your own words.
  2. Delegate 1 or 2 of those tasks to your staff – show them exactly what you do, how you do it and tell them EXACTLY why to do it.  Make sure they clearly understand.
  3. Review how each staff member is performing their tasks – are they doing it the way you want them to, do you have any suggestions to improve how the task is done, how can they OWN that task.


The long term effect of this it that you will encourage innovation from your own staff.





So, there's really no excuse to allow someone to take the reins and give it a go themselves.  With your training and with the systematic approach the chance of problems occurring is reduced especially when there is a person who loves the job they are doing & the business they own.



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