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Australian Made

Through adversity opportunity grows. It has been uplifting to see the resurgence of Australians wanting to buy Australian made products.

Do not get overlooked by big businesses.  They need your products and services fast.

This is an exciting time for Aussie small businesses, entrepreneurs, manufacturers out there who have excellent products and a commitment to Australian made quality. Once upon a time we were a very proud nation where buying Australian made meant you were buying quality. We were prepared to pay that little bit more, secure in the knowledge that buying Australian made was going to be of the best quality. It was also ensuring that we retained jobs in our country.  We had a manufacturing industry, second to none. For the last couple of decades we became a very consumer based nation, demanding cheaper products with a willingness to sacrifice quality. Our manufacturing industry steadily dwindled with companies sending their manufacturing offshore to take advantage of cheaper production costs.  Products became cheap and nothing was built to last.  A throw away society, continually adding poor quality products to our overburdened landfill.

We've come to a pivotal moment where many of us are remembering that quality is better than quantity. A way to regain sound economic growth is through re-establishing our once thriving manufacturing and entrepreneurial industries. This is what is best for our country right now and for our future generations.  There is always going to be a place for mass production, but Australians now need more than that.  “Australian made” guarantees quality, jobs and economic growth.

If you are a small-medium business, and you need to supply to a bigger business then you will be asked if you have a Quality Management System (QMS) in place.  This will be one of the top questions asked in an application, a tender, a submission.  "Does your business have a QMS?"  A certified Quality Management system (ISO 9001) is a solid internationally recognised qualification for your business. A QMS and/or ISO 9001 will open doors for a small/medium business to government contracts, major suppliers, exporters etc.  A Quality Management System and/or ISO 9001 is almost a necessity if you wish to do business with the bigger businesses.  It gives them peace of mind that you have the necessary processes in place and that you take your business seriously.

If you are a business ready to show all other Australians (and the rest of the world) how great your product is you will need to seriously consider taking the next step forward. 

We look forward to seeing you stand in front of your business and proudly say, "We are Australian made" and qualified to do business with you.

Give eQA a call and find out how to stand out from the crowd.


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