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Defence Force contracts at your doorstep – here’s how you can win them

Queensland-based engineering, manufacturing, fabrication & welding businesses have incredible opportunities to secure long-term government contracts with Defence. With at least $5 billion to be spent on building 225 combat reconnaissance vehicles in South East Queensland, there is a great need for businesses to step up. And this is only the start. There are plenty more phases to come.

The far-reaching impact of a defence contract of this size is great news for Queensland manufacturing companies and the flow-on affect will be realised by more and more businesses.

Rheinmetall won the contract to build the Australian military vehicles. They are committed to using Australian manufacturing companies, in particular small-medium businesses. The Australian government is ensuring Australian businesses are utilised predominantly, but of course we need to meet the standards set. And the standards are high. After all, Australia has some of the highest quality standards in manufacturing for military vehicles and equipment. We do not play second best with our soldiers’ lives.

So, the question remains why, with so much opportunity to secure real contracts, are businesses not jumping in? It seems that there is still doubt within industries that these contracts are available to small-medium businesses. Many feel they are not big enough to be seriously considered or they simply do not know the process to go through.

We are here to let you know that as long as you are able to prove that you meet the high quality standards required, the opportunities are very real to be a part of our military manufacturing.

If you consider yourself a high-performance manufacturing business and know you produce excellent quality products, you should definitely be throwing your hat in the ring.

How do you become a supplier to Australian Defence Force?

One of the first steps in entering the defence supply world is Quality Assurance and the ability to ASSURE the QUALITY of the products you are manufacturing or supplying. This typically requires attaining ISO 9001 certification.

A number of eQA clients have already started supplying Defence and enjoying business stability and growth. One Brisbane-based eQA client, Frontline Manufacturing, decided to get well ahead of the game to ensure they were serious contenders for defence contracts.

They were committed to making their business perform at peak levels, so had already invested in implementing a Quality Management System. They knew that a Quality Management System was a very sound investment for continued growth in their business. Furthermore, through researching the defence opportunities, they discovered that there was a major gap in the Australian market for proven quality welders.

They also knew that it would become a significant consideration in awarding defence and government contracts within the fabrication & welding industry. Frontline Manufacturing took the next innovative step of becoming the first Queensland manufacturing business to become ISO 3834 (Welding) certified for defence.

This definitely makes them the forerunners for any defence and government contracts. The benefits in achieving ISO 3834 has had a massive impact on their business and their employees. Their welders are now proven to be the best in the business.

At eQA we know our manufacturing businesses are some of the best in the world but hearsay, word of mouth and Google reviews will not suffice. A proven Quality Management System is the first major step in showing governments, international companies, investors and of course your customers, that you have what it takes to manufacture the very best products.

Start to show the global market and governments that you invest in your business and can truly stand behind your product.

No Quality Management System? eQA removes all the stress, as we write the system for you and allow you to get on with doing what you do best. We can get you Defence-ready and put you in the running for major contracts.

Oh, and you don’t have to stop at that. A Quality Management System will put you in front of mining, other government contracts and put you in front of your competition. Your business is worth the investment.

Contact us today to get started.


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