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Diversifying, Increasing Productivity and Making sure your Business Stays in Business

Business is not all doom and gloom.  Some of eQA clients are making the best of their business and the current economic situation.

eQA recently had a phone call from a client who makes a luxury food item.  He wanted to know if he could use his machinery and factory to make a basic food product that is currently in high demand.  By doing this he keeps his business going.  Machinery does not sit idle.  He can still continue to make his luxury food items in lesser quantities but can dedicate other machinery to make the other food product that has a demanding market right now.  Yes, he has to make some changes, but he still has the potential to produce a product that will keep his business operational through this time.  This client has seen an opportunity to diversify his business utilising what he currently has. Very clever thinking.  And because he already has a Food Safety System he will be ahead of the game and will be able to reassure his customers of the quality of his product.

An engineering client also rang eQA to see what the requirements would be if they started making parts that normally come out of China.  It is now obvious that they will not be getting this part in the near future, but they want to keep doing business and fulfilling their orders.  It’s not a difficulty for them to manufacture this part, but they need to ensure they are adhering to safety standards with basic changes to the factory.  eQA will assist them in setting up simple procedures and check that their manufacturing processes are efficient.  And we will ensure that team members are well aware of their roles and responsibilities with this change.  Again, because they have a Quality Management System, implementing this change to their business will be easy and they will solve a problem that they currently have.

Another eQA client wants to know if we could recommend a delivery service that they can get their product from the Sunshine Coast down to Brisbane – piggy backing with someone to help share costs.  They are able to increase production due to shortages in Brisbane but needed to overcome the delivery issue. We were able to connect them with another eQA client that had the same delivery requirements and they are now able to share the cost. Their products are now able to leave the Sunshine Coast and head to Brisbane.  The Brisbane market was not initially on their radar, but because their business had a Business Management System in place it was a simple process to increase production and take advantage of such an opportunity.  And by turning to eQA to assist with delivery solutions, we were able to further assist the reduction of costs for two eQA clients. Working together during this time especially, enables businesses to reduce costs and increase growth opportunities.

eQA have been fielding calls all week from clients actually wanting to ramp up production on many different items.  Crazy right?  We are in dire times and yet we have clients that are wanting to increase their production or diversify from what they normally do.  They are not letting employees go – in fact they are working hard to not only save their businesses but to retain their employees and supply quality products to their local communities.

And can they do what they want to do?  Absolutely. And how can they react so quickly and with confidence?  They have a Business Management System currently in place that helps to control their business.  Their businesses are not in chaos, so it gives them the freedom to stop, take stock and look at other options.  And because the systems are in place they can quickly make sound business decisions to diversify.  And the decisions they make will not be in panic. 

What we do have happening now, in all this craziness, are opportunities for Australian businesses to ramp up their production.  We can have more Australian Made products on our shelves again.  More locally made products on our shelves – with the confidence that they are made to the quality that Australians demand and deserve.  This is how we can come through this crisis.

A smart business owner, a true entrepreneur, an innovator will see the opportunities in diversifying or finding a different way to do business.  Doing this with a systematic approach will ensure that your business will not only survive during this time, but continue to prosper in the months and years to come.  Plenty of experts are telling us to take action and that we need action plans.  eQA experts will come in and put the appropriate action plans into your business with minimal fuss and disruption. 

Contact eQA now to explore your options in diversifying, increasing productivity and making sure your business stays in business.

Now is the perfect time to make “Australian Made” the force and pride it once was. 

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