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How To Take A Vacation From Your Business

How To Take A Vacation From Your Business


Need to Holiday From Your Business?


A few years ago I was talking to a client at the end of the year & I asked him what he was doing for Christmas.  He said I will work right up to Christmas Eve, maybe have a bit of time off over between Christmas and New Year and then back the day after New Year’s Eve.  The next year I asked the same question just and he gave me the same response. I said to him last year did you have any time off in between Christmas and New Year?  He said NO. I then asked did you go away at Easter this year? He said, I worked up until Good Friday and coming for the while on Easter Saturday, had Sunday and Monday off and then back on the Tuesday.


I then asked him:  when did you last have a holiday?  Ohh about 10 years ago.

Most business owners can relate to this.


I then asked him why did you start this business he should I just found a need in the market and I wanted to better lifestyle.


No holiday in 10 years and working 6 days a week …….That's not a lifestyle that anyone would sign up for!


Other comments include:

I’m still building up the business, (where is your plan to end?)


You’re working hard, your business is making good money?  YES, we make good money. What do you spend that money on …………….. silence and a puzzled look.

You spent all this time building this business up, it's turning over very good money, BUT, you're working 6 days a week, where's the lifestyle you set out to achieve?


So I then went around and started to ask other clients the same questions:

  1. What are you doing for Christmas?;
  2. When did you have your last holiday?


I found that the answer was the same everywhere.  “I started this business 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years ago really haven't had a holiday since”, again I would say said to them what is this the lifestyle you set out to achieve by starting your business?


From this, I found from this that there is a very real need to help business owners to get out of their business (off the tools) and allow them to:

  1. Grow the business;
  2. Train or mentor their staff; or
  3. Implement their retirement plan so they can sell / get out / retire when they are ready.


In many cases, small to medium businesses have a very loyal core staff who are long-term & trusted employees.  They can be a huge asset to the company, if given the guidance and the correct leadership for them to step up and start making.


You employ people with the right education & experience, now they need to know how to work your way, not the way they worked for your opposition.


We are giving business owners their life back and allowing you to live the lifestyle that you deserve.


We want to give business owners their life back, rather than being tied down in the day-to-day running of your business.


As a small business owners, we’ve all been there & done that.  You are: the face, the lifeblood, the bookkeeper / accountant, the general manager, the CEO, the business development manager, the cleaner and everything else in the business at the same time.

It's really easy to do, at the end of the day, it's just 10 or 15 minutes here or there or 30 minutes on the Saturday morning.  I’ll just to do it myself, I don't need to pay anyone else. I don't need that cost or need to explain it or train them, it's just easier to do it myself.


Unfortunately, after a while the number of little jobs can grow & grow and you don't know when to stop.


So, Friday afternoon I said to myself, I'll just prepare and I'll get a few of these little jobs knocked off on Saturday morning so it's done.  I sat down Saturday morning and started, I then thought, while I'm here, I'll just do these few other things. And then these other couple of little jobs that can be done next week, but, if I knock them off now, that'll give me a bit of extra time.  All of a sudden there's an angry knock on your door: the BBQ starts at 6 o'clock we've got an hour for you to get ready & go. Oh my God, I've just spent the whole day working …. It is that easy.

As the business owner, why should I be working all of the time?


Giving business owners your time back and the lifestyle that you deserve, leads to the most important thing:  Innovation.


How Can This Be:

The word entrepreneur is thrown around a lot it is currently a buzz word in the business industry, the harsh truth is that there are very very very very few people who are entrepreneurs.  The vast majority of small business owners are Entrepreneurs and Innovators.


We’re the people who take existing methods, processes and activities and make them even better.  Entrepreneurs have big ideas but in most cases do not have the ability to make them into reality, that's where the innovators (business owners) we come into our own.  We make concepts into reality, we take a process, a concept and make it even better, improve it, streamline it, that's what the business owner is born to do.


The vast majority of businesses were started because a found a better, more efficient, more effective, more economically viable, way to perform a task in business.  That’s what Innovation is all about.


If you as the business owner are tied up IN the business, being the accountant, business development manager, QA manager, office manager, receptionist, production manager, storeman etc you have lost the ability to stop think and innovate and that is what we need to get back into our businesses.  The ability for business owners to stop take 3 steps back, ignore the world for a couple of hours and think. If you can do, that's where the next big idea can will come from that's where the next big thing will come from if business owners have that time to innovate.


The hardest thing for any business owner is to let go.  This process is made easier if systems & procedures are in place and your staff are fully aware of:

what they have to do, 
when they have to do it and
why they're doing it.  

The word how has been left out of this because that's where we give our people the opportunity to step up.  This is where you can say: this is the result I want, now go and achieve it or you can say this is the way I want you to do this, do you know of a better way?


The biggest pushback is the business owner saying: Yeah, but, what if things go wrong?  What if it doesn’t work out? Well this is the least of your issues because, if we look back, who was the last person who was doing their job?  YOU! You were there, you were doing it if the person assigned to the job gets it wrong the backup person who is …… YOU. This means that your business will continue to operate.



So, there's really no excuse to allow someone to take the reins and give it a go themselves.  With your training and with the systematic approach the chance of problems occurring is reduced especially when there is a person who loves the job they are doing & the business they own.




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