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I Don't Have a System


Don’t be nervous, it’s QA … Not Rocket Science. 

Achieving quality is simple.  All you need to do is make your customers happy, eliminate errors, provide a framework that workers can follow and create products or services people value.


Why Have a QA System?

New customers, before they select you, want to know you have robust processes in place. It gives them confidence that you have intentions of excellence.  It gives you the edge over other businesses that don’t have QA.  To be eligible to tender for most government work and within the private sector such as mining and manufacturing, they prefer, or even demand, QA certified businesses.

A QA system is also a good tool to help you improve, find efficiencies and focus the organisation.

Let’s expel a couple of common concerns about getting a Quality Assurance System.

  1. Firstly, an eQA QA System will be cost effective and will prove to enhance your business. Our systems are custom designed to suit your specific business needs and you will be exceptionally surprised how cost effective your own QA system will be. Your eQA QA System will address all your certification requirements while maintaining the integrity and focus of your business objectives. In fact, a specifically designed system will assist you in meeting these objectives.

  2. Secondly, you will not need to employ another person to run and maintain your system. An eQA specifically designed system will fit in with your existing business structure.

    We will train existing team members to run your system. A user friendly and concise system will focus on your core business.

    We always remember……it’s QA, not rocket science.
    There are various systems, so it is really all dependent as to why you need or want a QA System. When you contact us and discuss your business goals and needs we can give you simple straight forward advice. 

    QA most definitely improves a business if designed specifically and with flexibility.  If the QA system is aligned with your business and your team, then you have a winner.  Too many businesses throw themselves into doing the QA system on their own and wind up with mounds of paperwork, stressed employees and negative feelings towards the system that should be making business easier.  We listen to you and your needs, your set up, your concerns and we will honestly tell you what approach will be best and what system will be appropriate for your business.

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