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Get Ready for an Audit

An Auditor has just booked a time for your audit (it seems to come around quicker every year) and everyone on your team is snowed under.  Don’t panic….we will get you up-to-date with your system requirements to be ready for that audit.  Having your documentation ready before the audit makes the auditing process easier for you and the auditor.

We also attend the audits on your behalf, working with the auditor showing how your business is compliant with the standards.  Sometimes auditors can have a different “take” on how a standard should be addressed or set out.  Some auditors have “pet” dislikes, and some auditors feel the need to find fault.  Most auditors are there to ensure your business is operating at optimum level (and of course it will be because we are there to help you).  On occasions where an auditor has an issue that may cause your business concern, time or money, eQA fight tooth and nail for your business.  We will work with the auditor and ensure that your time and money is not wasted.

eQA Audit Services:

Prior to an external audit most of our clients take advantage of having an eQA consultant prepare them and their system for the audit. This will ensure:


  1. All the paperwork is filed in the right area.

  2. All calibration certificates are up-to-date and filed.

  3. Training information has been filed in the employee folder and the matrix updated.

  4. Non-conformances have been addressed and the register updated.

  5. The most current copy of the manual is ready.

All this is set out ready for the audit so there is no running around trying to find paperwork. Less stress for you and the auditor.


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