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ISO 9001 The Benchmark for Your Business Growth and Success

Getting ISO 9001 certification might not seem like much however it would surprise you knowing how you are viewed by companies once you get it. 

ISO 9001 basically guarantees that a business offers nothing less than the highest quality of service and that its internal operation, including management, is equally as efficient. An ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System (QMS) will help you to manage and monitor the quality of your work and the services you are providing from the lowest ranking employee to the head of the business.

The ISO 9001 certification will give your company the national and international recognition it needs to stay in business and to conduct business with others. It will let potential customers, partners and investors know that your company has the seal of approval for high quality excellence.


Facts about having ISO 9001 Certification


Gaining ISO 9001 certification will allow you to do business with the bigger organisations such as government, major construction and mining companies and civil engineering companies. 

These opportunities are real and there is a lot of contract work around for small businesses to secure.  For a small business, these types of contracts with the bigger organisations mean more financial security, growth and future work on a national and global level.

In particular, governments, at all levels, are looking more and more at small businesses for their innovation and encouraging them to become suppliers/contractors to government departments. If you don’t have ISO 9001 or a Quality Management System it will be very difficult to get your foot in the door with large organisations. 

ISO 9001 is usually the minimum requirement when large organisations choose contractors. Government departments, in particular, will check to see if they have ISO 9001 or a Quality Management System in place before even considering them.

When applying for a tender with government and other major companies, it is very typical to see forms that ask if you have a Quality Management System.  If you must tick no on these forms, it is likely you have excluded yourself from the selection process and the opportunity to earn big dollars and future project opportunities.


Example snippets from a government form


Government Example Scenario


The government decides to refurbish a major bridge.  They will put the full project out to tender. 

A major construction company (Mac Constructions*) wins the tender worth $25 million.  One of the conditions of winning the tender was Mac Constructions had to have a Quality Management System.

Mac Constructions* have identified that they need some contractors for sanding back the bridge. They will seek out sub-contractors to cover this part of the project, worth $200,000.  Three painting contractors apply for the opportunity to win the $200,000 project. 

Part of the condition was having a Quality Management System.  One of the painting contractors (Painting Bridges*) has an excellent reputation and enjoys excellent google reviews and other client feedback, however they do not have ISO 9001 certification.  In the application process they would have to indicate they did not have ISO 9001. 

(The snippet above was taken from an actual government tender document)


This would, more than likely, exclude them from the opportunity of winning the contract and building a relationship with the major construction company and government department for future contract work.  Without ISO 9001 certification, Painting Bridges* can’t even get their foot in the door for consideration. Sadly, an opportunity missed.

*Fake names have been used for businesses Mac Constructions and Painting Bridges

Don't regret missed opportunities that may come your way. Contact us today to get your ISO 9001 certification underway.



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