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Innovation to Start-Up to Success

Innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition in any business field.

The last two decades have seen a general, ever-growing and worldwide concern for the environment. It has touched everything from mainstream media to international government policy, which has created an increased awareness of both the problems we face and the solutions that may follow.

We are seeing more and more startups in the renewable and recyclable industries.  The ideas and concepts are incredible and could have a major impact and contribution to our futures.

But sadly, many of these startups will not see fruition.  We all know there are a number of reasons, but the biggest contributor is money – lack thereof.  Another contributor is that entrepreneurs/innovators get caught in a cycle of working in the business, rather than continuing the innovation process. It makes sense they feel this way as the business grows to become its own independent financial entity, however it ends up leading to their demise.


 An eQA client's success story

A Brisbane-based startup in renewable solar energy was getting off the ground and the owners and developers wanted to implement a Quality Management System (QMS). They did not need immediate ISO 9001 certification but knew, from previous experience, that a QMS would greatly assist in the running of their business.

They wanted a system documenting their processes and procedures to run their business without the key people needing to be present.  So, if a manager went on holidays, the work would continue without the need for them to be present. 

They wanted a system so that, as the developers and innovators, they did not need to be constantly working on the floor, but could continue to further the development and innovation of their product. They wanted workers to be able to do their jobs confidently, knowing they had set procedures and systems to guide them.

Because they were able to continue their innovation and product development they gained interest from major companies looking to invest further in their business and take their products into the international market. Doors opened for them.

Having a QMS gives current and future investors more confidence that you are a StartUp that takes yourself and your business seriously.  It gives investors an idea of how you are going to deliver a quality product or service each and every time, thus making you a more viable option to invest in.

The Brisbane startup already has the necessary Quality Management System in place for when they are ready to supply product to governments, mining, construction etc.. When that happens eQA will simply arrange an audit to finalise the whole process to tick the box to make their certification official.


Another client's story

Another eQA startup client developed a product using recyclable plastics for use in the civil engineering industry.

Again, they chose to implement a Quality Management System to ensure smooth running and control of their business so the business owners could continue with growing the business rather than working on the production line.

They are now looking to become certified to enable them to gain contract work with more civil engineering companies and developers.  Even though their product is a one-of-a-kind at the moment, and a necessity in the industry, (due to government regulations) they know they still need to have ISO 9001 certification to supply to the companies.  This will keep them ahead of any future competitors.

Attaining ISO 9001 certification is a smart move for any startup. Contact us to discuss how it could benefit your organisation.


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