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Setting up a Business Management System that Works for You

Covid has shifted the goalposts and business owners understand that running efficiently and in a lean manner is the way to go. No more slackers not pulling their weight, accountability is the buzz word and results matter as every cent that goes to the bottom line you want to keep.

As a result, more we are now getting plenty of calls from businesses wanting to formalise how they do business – they now have some spare time to invest in their business and get ready for the next stage, which may have shifted from what they originally planned.  And they want to do it right – right for their business.

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Is your Business in Danger of having an Irrelevant Quality Management System

How well is your ISO9001 system working for you?  Do you know if it is relevant to your business and what legal implications may be lurking in a poorly designed system?

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Australian Made

Through adversity opportunity grows. It has been uplifting to see the resurgence of Australians wanting to buy Australian made products.

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Diversifying, Increasing Productivity and Making sure your Business Stays in Business

Business is not all doom and gloom.  Some of eQA clients are making the best of their business and the current economic situation.

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What sort of businesses should be looking at working within the defence industry?

What sort of businesses should be looking at working within the defence industry?  A business that wants to enjoy stable growth and long-term projects:  Industries such as engineering fabrication welding and manufacturing.

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KICK OFF Your Quality Management System – Here’s the Simple Next Steps

You have downloaded our QMS Checklist, now you’re ready for the next step – the eQA 7 Step Quality Management System Kick Off Pack.

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Download Your QMS Checklist

Many clients have found our Quality Management Checklist very useful to identify which aspects of their businesses are adequately documented and working. When we meet with potential clients, we often find that they already have a lot of the requirements for a QMS which can speed up the process of achieving certification.  We then make sure the gaps are filled and that the processes are being applied in an effective way.

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Aerospace and Defence Opportunities Everywhere – Here’s How You Can Get Involved

The Australian Defence Force has the highest standards in the world for producing their defence equipment vehicles as they take the life and safety of a soldier very seriously.  Their peace of mind and assurance is working with businesses that also take the quality of their work very seriously and they can prove how they do this.

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Music to My Ears – Case Study on Building A Quality Management System on a Model that Works

A chance meeting with a small business owner in an airport revealed the major benefit to him that having a quality management system in his business had brought him.

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How a Teenager Mowing Your Lawn Relates to Scaling Your Business Successfully

Stop and think about what you could do if you had a teenager who could mow your lawn your preferred way, each and every time.  There would be many benefits just the same as there would be in business if staff performed their tasks the right way every time. That's where a quality mangement system for the business comes in.

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Investment Now Could Have Saved their Company – Concrete Company Case Study

With a QMS (Quality Management System), Concrete Blocks* were able to prove that they fulfilled the requirements set out by the major construction company. 

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Defence Force contracts at your doorstep – here’s how you can win them

Queensland-based engineering, manufacturing, fabrication & welding businesses have incredible opportunities to secure long-term government contracts with Defence (and other government departments) but it all depends if you are a quality-assured manufacturer.

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Innovation to Start-Up to Success

Innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition in any business field. If startups don't innovate they risk failure of success!

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ISO 9001 – The Benchmark for Your Business Growth and Success

Getting an ISO 9001 certification might not seem like much however it would surprise you knowing how you are viewed by companies once you get it and it may be necessary before you can win certain contracts.

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12 Days to Official Tick-Off

A trucking client of eQA's in Western Australia, was in the running for a $2.1 million contract with a major international company but didn't have the necessary Quality Management System (ISO 9001) in their business. This was one of the must-have conditions of the contract.

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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

Mothers, they are: generous, loving, helpful, sentimental, wonderful and sometimes, just a bit annoying.  But, she is still your Mum.

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How To Take A Vacation From Your Business
A few years ago I was talking to a client at the end of the year & I asked him what he was doing for Christmas.  He said I will work right up to Christmas Eve, maybe have a bit of time off over between Christmas and New Year and then back the day after New Year’s Eve.  The next year I asked the same question just and he gave me the same response. I said to him last year did you have any time off in between Christmas and New Year?  He said NO. I then asked did you go away at Easter this year? He said, I worked up until Good Friday and coming for the while on Easter Saturday, had Sunday and Monday off and then back on the Tuesday.
I then asked him:  when did you last have a holiday?  Ohh about 10 years ago.
Most business owners can...
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3 Easy Steps To Getting You Off The Tools
Business owners are the Entrepreneurs & Innovators of the industry.  We have the knowledge, experience and foresight to take existing ideas and processes and make them: better, easier, more efficient, more economically viable.  We take ideas & concepts and make them a reality.
As Entrepreneurs & Innovators, we have done the hard work, made theory in practice and made a business work.
In too many cases, you as the business owner, can then become read more...
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How to Win Defence Force Contracts in Queensland

The Land 400 Phase 2 decision has been awarded to Queensland based Rheinmetall Australia. 

With the almost $5 billion to be spent on building 225 combat reconnaissance vehicles in the Sunshine State, this means stability for Queensland based manufactures.

How do you become a supplier to defence?

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CONTAMINATED ROCKMELONS: Panic Merchants Aren't Helping Anyone

Recently 3 deaths have been attributed to listeria contamination of rockmelons from NSW (Australia).  In mid 2017, the death of an Australian driver has been linked to a faulty vehicle airbag.

WHY were these 2 deadly incidents treated SO differently by the media?

Putting aside the emotional tragedy of people losing their lives, these 2 issues have been handled completely differently by the media and have caused unnecessary panic for the industry & the public.

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