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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

Mothers, they are: generous, loving, helpful, sentimental, wonderful and sometimes, just a bit annoying.  But, she is still your Mum.

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How To Take A Vacation From Your Business
A few years ago I was talking to a client at the end of the year & I asked him what he was doing for Christmas.  He said I will work right up to Christmas Eve, maybe have a bit of time off over between Christmas and New Year and then back the day after New Year’s Eve.  The next year I asked the same question just and he gave me the same response. I said to him last year did you have any time off in between Christmas and New Year?  He said NO. I then asked did you go away at Easter this year? He said, I worked up until Good Friday and coming for the while on Easter Saturday, had Sunday and Monday off and then back on the Tuesday.
I then asked him:  when did you last have a holiday?  Ohh about 10 years ago.
Most business owners can...
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3 Easy Steps To Getting You Off The Tools
Business owners are the Entrepreneurs & Innovators of the industry.  We have the knowledge, experience and foresight to take existing ideas and processes and make them: better, easier, more efficient, more economically viable.  We take ideas & concepts and make them a reality.
As Entrepreneurs & Innovators, we have done the hard work, made theory in practice and made a business work.
In too many cases, you as the business owner, can then become read more...
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How to Win Defence Force Contracts in Queensland

The Land 400 Phase 2 decision has been awarded to Queensland based Rheinmetall Australia. 

With the almost $5 billion to be spent on building 225 combat reconnaissance vehicles in the Sunshine State, this means stability for Queensland based manufactures.

How do you become a supplier to defence?

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CONTAMINATED ROCKMELONS: Panic Merchants Aren't Helping Anyone

Recently 3 deaths have been attributed to listeria contamination of rockmelons from NSW (Australia).  In mid 2017, the death of an Australian driver has been linked to a faulty vehicle airbag.

WHY were these 2 deadly incidents treated SO differently by the media?

Putting aside the emotional tragedy of people losing their lives, these 2 issues have been handled completely differently by the media and have caused unnecessary panic for the industry & the public.

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Reasons Your Business Needs a Quality Management System

Quality management systems are an important part of any Brisbane organisation looking to register as an ISO9001, AS 9100, ISO 13485 or TS 16949.

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How ISO 9001 Can Boost Your Business Success

ISO 9001 basically guarantees that your business offers nothing less than the highest quality of service and that its internal operation, including management is equally as efficient.

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Quality Assurance and the Environmental Responsibility of Businesses

Ensuring your company is environmentally responsible will be key in the coming years. You as a business owner have a moral, social and legal obligation to do so.

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How Important is a Workplace Health and Safety System?

If you are a business owner of any magnitude, be it a small and local or large and international, it is your moral, legal and logical responsibility to ensure the health and safety of your workers through a quality management system. This basic duty of care is vital to the effective running of your organisation.

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How Quality Assurance Systems Provides Quality Customer Satisfaction

An experienced quality assurance manager can work with an organisation’s staff to establish procedures and quality standards during the manufacturing and testing process.

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What are Quality Assurance Management Solutions and Why Might You Need Them?

If you own a business and will need to deliver a product or service to your customers, you will likely need a quality assurance system in place and may want to consider hiring a Quality Assurance Management Consultantcy.

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A butcher in the UK has been fined £9000 (over $ 15 300 AUD) for using the same vacuum packing machine for both raw & cooked meat.


This is a wake up call for the whole food industry.

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