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ISO 14001: Environmental Management

An Environmental Management System (EMS) shows your employees and customers that you are committed to your responsibility of ensuring that your business is environmentally sustainable.  It helps you to reduce energy consumption and landfill waste, thereby reducing your impact on the environment and even preventing financial waste through improved resource efficiency. It gives you credibility as a responsible and considerate enterprise and helps you meet the market demand for environmentally sound business partners and providers. As technology and information expands into the future, the system will give you the ability to adapt to change, and to embrace new and better environmental practices.

An EMS also gives you control over the environmental risks associated with your business, protecting you from accidentally causing environmental harm, or ending up in litigation. It will address and manage the environmental hazards of your business, enabling you to control and manage any risks you identify, within a simple and effective framework.

An eQA EMS, designed specifically for your business, will give you and your stakeholders the assurance that you are monitoring and improving your environmental impact and give your business the recognition it deserves for excellence in sustainable business practice.

And it’s simple. 

The Environmental Management Standard

Hundreds of thousands of organisations, in over 150 countries worldwide, have adopted the ISO14001 since its release and it has become the gold standard in helping all types of organisations to integrate sound policies for the prevention of pollution and to meet their legal and industry obligations for sustainability. ISO14001 provides a framework within which your business can identify, assess, and improve its environmental management commitments, by helping you to set specific targets and performance measures according to the standards relevant to your industry.

An eQA implemented EMS, is developed with you to specifically meet your unique needs, will help to uphold the integrity of your business, giving it the credibility it needs to prevail in the increasing demand for greener practice in the global market. Using the ISO14001 certification standard’s elements matched to your business processes, eQA will help you to:

  • Plan and establish your environmental targets, objectives and goals for sustainability
  • Define and implement appropriate policies and procedures to help your business meet these objectives
  • Define and implement methods to measure and monitor your business’s performance and compliance with these procedures, and
  • Develop auditing and review processes to determine whether the system is operating effectively for your business

An eQA implemented EMS system will ensure that your business’s environmental management practices are clearly and simply defined, and that your business is operating ethically, legally, and sustainably. Your eQA implemented EMS will also evolve with you, as environmental standards and regulations change in the future, so that you will never be left behind, and so that you will be able to maintain your commitment to continual improvement.

Keeping it Simple

At eQA, we like to keep things simple.  We believe that with the right environmental management system, your business’s compliance with rigorous and evolving environmental standards can be simple, and your targets and objectives can be achievable.  Reaching a higher standard of sustainability in your business practices—and achieving legislative and industry environmental compliance—is easy, if you have right tools.

That’s why our Environmental Management System is easy to use and logically set out to assist your business to leave this planet a better place than you found it.

eQA’s ISO14001 will help you to improve your business’s environmental management processes, and develop a guiding framework that will help you deal with environmental issues arising in the future. Our accreditation will support and grow your business identity, giving you recognition among your competitors, partners and customers as a sustainable, environmentally ethical, and legally compliant organisation…and we will keep it simple.

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