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ISO 45001: Occupational Health & Safety

Although the legislation is called Work Health & Safety (WHS), the certification standard is still Occupational Health & Safety.

As a business, you can’t rely on common sense to ensure the safety of your staff, visitors and customers. It’s your responsibility to inform, consult with, and train staff to guarantee that your work place is free of hazards and risks and that everyone in your organisation is aware of your site safety rules. The good news is that besides improving the safety of your work place, an eQA WHS Management System will address all your business’s certification requirements in a user friendly manual.

Managing your safety hazards with an eQA WHS Management System, which is ISO45001 compliant, will reduce the chance of enormous financial burdens of poor WHS performance, such as litigation, worker’s compensation and reduced productivity.  But the most important benefit of our system is guarding you against the human cost of injuries, illnesses and fatalities sustained in the workplace. With a WHS Management System in place, your staff will respect the fact that you have their safety interests as a priority. Knowing that their company cares enough about them to invest in a WHS Management System actively safeguarding them from the devastation of injury, will give your staff and management greater peace of mind.

It’s not just good business sense, it’s also legislation. eQA’s WHS Management Systems will help you achieve the compliance you need for certification, financial security, and business credibility and we will make it simple and user friendly.


WHS Management System

ISO45001 is an occupational health and safety management system that is used primarily in Australia and New Zealand and it is recognised as a leading standard for WHS.  Certification to ISO45001 is widely considered to be of great benefit to your business and as a way to demonstrate to your customers and staff that you have a commitment to safety with a system that is designed to reduce the chances of hazards harming your staff.

Your diligence in maintaining the safety of all the people in your business is an enormous virtue.  eQA can help you meet the legal requirements of safely running your business and protect the integrity of your business identity. Our reputable WHS Management System will help you to implement appropriate safety procedures for your workplace, introduce logical methods of assessment and evaluation and promote compliance with the standards among your workers. eQA’s WHS Management System addresses the elements of ISO45001 and will help you to:

  • Identify the hazards to personal safety in your workplace
  • Assess the types and levels of risk associated with the hazards
  • Implement control measures to eliminate or reduce the chance of harm to people, and
  • Monitor and evaluate how these procedures are being followed.

An eQA WHS Management System will ensure that the WHS requirements of your business are clearly and simply defined in a way that everyone can comprehend and is implemented in a simple and user friendly manner. Your business will be proven as trustworthy, safe, and ethical as you already know it is.

Keeping it Simple

At eQA, we like to keep things simple.  We believe that improvement in your business’s workplace health and safety performance doesn’t have to be difficult and your goals towards real results should be focused and achievable. Reduction of workplace hazards and their risks, improved staff compliance with procedures and systematic evaluation and review of your WHS processes can all be easy, if you have the simple tools to manage and monitor them.

That’s why our ISO45001 compliance WHS Management Systems are user friendly and easy to follow as they are logically set out to suit your business.


We will help you to design, develop, and implement a simple and effective system that:

  • Identify the legal requirements of your business’s WHS policies, and develop a system to suit them;
  • Determine the WHS objectives and targets of your business as parts of its policy;
  • Identify health and safety hazards in your organisation;
  • Assess the risk of hazards occurring, and what risks they pose to your people; and
  • Outline appropriate management plans involving designation of responsibility and timeframes for achieving objectives and targets


We will help you to establish, communicate apply your WHS system requirements, addressing:

  • The responsibility and accountability of all people in your organisation;
  • Appropriate training and competency assessment for your staff;
  • Clear consultation, communication and reporting of WHS matters; and
  • Thorough documentation of WHS procedures and compliance requirements


We will help you to monitor, assess and review your system, to ensure continued compliance with:

  • Appropriate and effective monitoring and measurement of WHS hazards
  • Timely and comprehensive incident investigation and preventative action
  • Legible, identifiable, traceable and correctly stored records
  • External auditing / certification of your WHS system, and
  • System reviews of the effectiveness and appropriateness of your system


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