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QA Myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding QA. Here are the answers to debunk them.

Do you need to have an expensive consultant to write your QA system - or you will fail?

Expensive does not necessarily mean the best or the right fit for you. When you chose to use a consultant, it is important to shop around for the right consultant for your business. Ensure that the consultant understands what you require for the project. A good consultant will listen more than talk and write a system to suit your exact business needs.

Do you need a bulky manual?

Size DOES NOT matter, it is all about the content. Procedures should be written in simple, easy to understand language. The more complex the manual, the harder it is to understand and follow procedures. This leads to an ineffective QA system. Think about this.....the more complicated your manual, the more likely you are to fail, not only certification, but in business. Streamlined systems that directly relate and contribute to your business success will still ensure customer satisfaction and certification compliance.

Is an electronic system acceptable?

Electronic systems are acceptable, you do not need to have a printed manual. As long as you can show control and the requirements of the standard, your system can be in any format that suits you.

Do meetings have to happen all the time for everything?

There is no need for formal meetings with everyone in attendance. We live in an electronic world of mobile phones, email, twitter etc, you can use them to improve communication, reduce time and travel costs.

How many CARs should I expect from each audit?

You do not need to have a CAR or observation from every single audit. Many auditors feel compelled to issue a certain number of CARs and/or observations to prove they have adequately reviewed your system and found discrepancies. Many auditors feel they need to issue CARs to show that they have conducted the audit thoroughly. At eQA we have experienced this, as one of our past clients was issued a minor CAR for having two spelling mistakes in the manual - no other problems were found - but the auditor felt he needed to raise at least one CAR!

Do you need a form for everything?

Only record information that is required and will assist to improve your business. If you do not use the recorded data to make a business improvement decision, don't record it. One form can be used for as many items as you want.



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