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Food Safety / HACCP

Producing a safe product of high quality is essential to surviving in today’s food industry.  This cannot be achieved if you spend all your time filling out paperwork.  We keep your system simple so it can be used effectively while allowing you to concentrate on producing a safe, high quality product.

There are many Food Safety certification programs that all have common elements and address specific customer requirements.  While some elements of these seem daunting, we can take out all the mystery and produce a simple system that addresses all the requirements, while remaining manageable for your existing staff.

We design, develop & implement systems that:

  1. Address legal obligations as per the Food Standards Code.

  2. Attain HACCP certification (ISO 22000, FSSC, WQA, BRC).

  3. Export accreditation.

  4. Ensure hygiene of your factory and staff.

  5. Effective CCP monitoring.

  6. Trains your staff in food safety and hygiene.

  7. System reviews for CCP and hygiene compliance.

YOUR system will give YOU control,
be easy to follow, address all certification requirements
and improve the quality and safety of your products to your customers.

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