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Over time systems tend to grow and grow.  New managers, team members, products, services, rules and regulations seem to be added to the system. There appears to be a never ending list of audits and reviews that need to be addressed. Finding the time to step back and look at your system from a business point of view proves to be a challenge.  As a result your system can become cumbersome and more complicated to manage and almost certainly is not working efficiently. 

eQA can perform a second party review of your system and get it back to what it should be doing: working for you – increasing business growth and success.

A healthy streamlined system will become a proactive asset, not a reactive waste of time and resources.

eQA client scenario:

One client was being audited by a number of suppliers, certification bodies and government bodies on a regular basis. Over a period of 15 months, their system had doubled in size and had become out of control trying to please everyone but their own business needs.

Due to QA personnel being required to spend time on the factory floor, they did not have time to step back and look at the whole system. Their internal audits were just going through the motions to ensure certification. eQA took over running the manuals, removed all the obsolete and unused areas of the system and put together a document that was a quarter of the size, complied with all their requirements and most importantly, focused on their business goals.


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