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The cost of a full time QA Manager for a small to medium business can be a massive impact on the bottom line.  eQA can provide a QA Management service that will cover all the certification requirements and not break your budget.  We provide a weekly, monthly or quarterly service to keep your system on track and avoid any surprises during the audit.

An external set of eyes looking at your system can help to overcome “commercial blindness”.  Have you ever looked at something and said to yourself, “I have walked past here every day for the past 12 months and never noticed that!”  eQA can perform that no pressure external review that will assist you with passing your certification audit.

eQA Monitoring Services:

eQA has a number of clients who we assist in different ways to manage their system:

  1. Perform internal audits & prepare action plans for the client to address.

  2. Check all monitoring paperwork, perform quality activity training for staff.

  3. Manage the system, including attending external audits, performing on floor inspections, perform internal audits, attend management review meetings.


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