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Quality Assurance and the Environmental Responsibility of Businesses

Innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition in any business field. Whilst being passive in the face of change is both common and comfortable for business owners, the reality is that it is embracing change that is the most often point of differentiation that allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

The last two decades have seen a general, ever-growing and worldwide concern for the environment. It has touched everything from mainstream media to international government policy, which has created an increase awareness of both the problems we face and the solutions that may follow. This in turn has led not only to better-informed government restrictions but also to an increasing awareness and changing expectations from the public at large.

The desire of many to move away from hectic urban life into more rural and natural environments is also apparent as is the knowledge that it is as important to stay healthy both from what we eat and what we are exposed to. 

Ensuring your company is environmentally responsible will be key in the coming years. You as a business owner have a moral, social and legal obligation to do so. This can be done by laying out a plan for your company to follow, however doing so can often fall to the wayside in a busy environment. A quality assurance system is a form of continuous assessment, often undergone with assistance from a third party, which aims to ensure you meet such a plan.

Quality Assurance systems such as ISO 14001 can help a business stay ahead over the curve, meet international standards and guarantee customers that requirements in terms of products and services are met and improved upon. It is taking into account the needs and expectations of people, and being ahead of the competition by effectively managing your brand image in the face of social issues.
If you wish to have a quality assurance review then you may contract a quality assurance analyst to do so. They will help you create a management system to assess and manage environmental risk and reduce your environmental impact. They will also assist you in attaining all the necessary certifications such as the ISO 14001 whilst monitoring the program with periodic quality assurance reviews to ensure maintenance.

If you are looking for either quality assurance training or a quality assurance review then consider a QA systems analyst. You’ll want someone who can explain the process simply and has a track record of getting the job done. If you’re in Brisbane and are looking for a quality assurance review, contact EQA if you’re looking for a professional and experience QA system analyst.


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