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ISO 9001: Quality Assurance

  • A Quality Assurance (QA) System shows your customers and suppliers that you mean business. It shows them you are prepared to give time, thought and resources to providing them with a quality product and/or service. It allows your business to chase the bigger jobs and play at the big end of town. It keeps up with trends, new products, new seasons, increased diversity, and growth opportunities. It is the framework that drives your business towards success.
  • A QA system also shows your employees that you are committed to excellence. It shows your respect for their work and creates confidence and workplace satisfaction. It gives them guidance and motivation and assists management teams to remain focused on the quality and business objectives. It provides a framework to assist efficient work practices and testifies to your belief in the integrity of your business.
  • An eQA QA system, written specifically for you, will give you the opportunity to drive your business towards recognition for excellence and financial growth, by providing clear and motivating guidelines to reach your highest goals. It will reflect the way you run your business and does not change your business to fit the standards.
  • There are two outcomes for every QA System: Customer Satisfaction & Continuous Improvement. Customer Satisfaction: A happy customer is a repeat customer and more likely to pay on time. Continuous Improvement: YOUR QA System needs to assist your business to work smarter, not harder in order to make money.

ISO 9001: Quality Assurance

Over a million organisations worldwide have adopted the ISO9001 since the International Organisation for Standardisation released it 30 years ago and there’s a good reason for that. The system can help any business to develop effective quality management, leading you towards better customer service and satisfaction, happy and motivated staff, and financial growth and improvement. The global adoption of ISO9001 is testimony to the reliability of the standard and accreditation with the system will give your business the credibility and performance improvement it needs to develop a competitive edge in your market—which is why so many businesses are more and more choosing ISO 9001 certified partners with whom to work.

But ultimately, your business success depends on your customers. eQA can help you to increase their satisfaction with your products or services, by cultivating your commitment to quality improvement and helping you to forge new and more satisfying bonds that will last into the future.


With an eQA QA System that addresses the requirements of ISO9001, your customers will see your business’s name as synonymous with meeting their needs, and as your commitment to continuous quality improvement continues into the future, they will appreciate the changes you make as the icing on the cake of an already superior service.


Keeping it Simple

At eQA, we like to keep things simple. We believe that improvement in your business’s quality management doesn’t have to be complex and your goals towards real results should be focused and achievable. Operational performance improvement, increased staff motivation and better profit are all within arm’s reach, if you have the simple tools to manage and quantify them.

That’s why our Quality Assurance System is easy to implement and logically addresses three main areas: the system, what to do when something goes wrong, and reviewing the system.

The system

During our consulting phase, eQA will help you to define, evaluate and improve your:

  • Company Policy: your business’s reason for being
  • Objectives and targets: the measurable indicators of your business’s success
  • Procedures: how your business works
  • Responsibility: ensuring that procedures are followed, and
  • Records: the hard proof that you’re doing what you say you’re doing

Non Conformance & Corrective Action

eQA will put into place processes that will help you to address, understand, and resolve things that have gone wrong, by helping you:

  • Acknowledge that a problem has occurred
  • Fix the problem and get the business back on track
  • Investigate why the problem occurred
  • Implement actions to ensure that the problem does not reoccur, and
  • Review the interventions to ensure that they actually work

System review

It is not good enough to put in a system and walk away. It needs to be assisted and nurtured  (like a cactus, doesn’t need constant watering, but will thrive with a bit of TLC from time to time). We will put systems and schedules into place that will help you to monitor, assess, and revise your system, to ensure that:

  • It is current and appropriate for the business
  • Procedures have been correctly implemented
  • Procedures are effective for the business
  • Procedures are being properly followed
  • Objectives and targets are on track, and the company policy is being fulfilled


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