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About Us

Quick Facts:


eQA was founded in Brisbane, in 2001.

eQA has worked all over Australia and internationally

eQA is dedicated to the success of their clients



Our Mission


eQA started in Brisbane in 2001.  The reason it started is simple.  Murray Spiers was passionate about making Quality Assurance better for business.  He knew there was a simpler and more effective way to manage QA. 

"He wanted to provide a service that offered simple quality assurance systems with a focus on the business needs."

And now the eQA team want to stand QA on its head – the future for QA and business is exciting and ever evolving. 

The eQA team are passionate about helping businesses enjoy success from their QA system, by keeping it simple, workable, current and totally focused on the client’s direct business goals.

By creating strong and valuable relationships with their clients, eQA aims to provide more.  Through growing and nurturing relationships, we have developed an eQA community where we are a trusted advisor.  We love helping our clients in many areas of their business through connecting them with suppliers, leads and opportunities to expand their business.

Our focus is to not just design a system perfect for your business, we want you to enjoy and appreciate the process.  We come packed with experience and knowledge, but more importantly we come with a ready smile, a simple, straightforward approach and a sense of humour. 


Head over to the “Meet the Team” page and see who we all are.


"eQA were able to answer all our questions about the requirements of ISO 9001, and provided guidance in areas where we needed to improve our systems. The service provided by eQA made becoming ISO 9001 compliant a straight-forward process which we believe will be a significant benefit to our company."

Clayton Roxborough
Steelcad Drafting Pty Ltd