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The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift


Mothers, they are: generous, loving, helpful, sentimental, wonderful and sometimes, just a bit annoying.  But, she is still your Mum.


Mothers’ Day always seem to sneak up, despite all of the advertising and reminders, it just suddenly appears and causes a last minute rush or a less than enthusiastic reaction.


Now present buying, for most of us, is hard enough when we have enough time, let alone last minute.  (Although practice should make perfect).


The truth is (AND YOUR MUM WILL NEVER TELL YOU THIS) the greatest gift you can give her is:

spending time with her.


Now, this doesn’t need to be on the 2nd Sunday in May, MOTHERS DAY, it can be around that time, as long as you make it special for her.  This usually involves doing something you don’t really like, but Mum loves.


2 years ago, I took Mum out to a very nice restaurant for lunch during the week.  I had made the time to do this and dedicated the day to being all about her.  We had a quick drink, then off to the restaurant, had a leisurely meal, took a walk around the city and then I took her home.  It turned out to be a very pleasant day for us both.


Last year we went shopping at the coast and then back to our place for dinner, lots of laughs and far too much red wine …… AGAIN.

Mum absolutely loved the time I spent with her and, from my point of view, it was so great to see her so happy and relaxed.


This year will be the worst Mothers’ Day ever, as Mum was diagnosed with cancer in June and passed away in July.  She went from being fit & healthy and somewhat annoying, to, no longer being here.  I will never hear her voice again, never have her comforting reassurance, never be asked why I haven’t called for a few days, never hear her somewhat antiquated advice that was always delivered with my best interest at heart.


I am so glad I had the flexibility in my life and was able to make the time to spend every single moment of quality time I did with my Mum.

I am so glad I didn’t ever say: Sorry Mum, I’m too busy, please accept this token gesture of courier delivered flowers & this card written by someone who doesn’t know you.


I can no longer say: there will be next year, or I’ll catch up with her for her birthday, or I will see her at Christmas.  She will always live in my mind, but all too often, that is just not enough.


So, don’t use the excuse that you are too busy at work, or don’t have time on the weekend, make sure you spend the time with Mum this Mothers’ Day, and don’t take any time with her for granted.  Once she is gone, you can’t get her back and all you are left with is memories.  Don’t sour those memories with regret.


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