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Certification & Business Control Made Easy

Why you need eQA

You're probably finding for more and more jobs, you need to be QA certified just to make the short list. Or you need to gain more control over your business, or you want to stay ahead of the rest.  If you can't afford to take six months getting in touch with your 'inner QA guru' while still trying to run your business and balance the bottom line, come and talk to us.


We'll save you time... You'll be QA certified in weeks, not months

Option 1 - The Old Way

There’s the old way... six months or more and no guarantees....where you start to create your manual. You purchase a copy of the standard, read it in between jobs; try to make sense of what's needed. Go to each of your departments, give them a list of what they need to do and how they do it.

The departments take time between jobs to get back to you. You start, stop, double check; go back to departments...sound familiar? Six months later you review, make changes, double-check. Congratulations! Your manual is ready to be implemented. Then you make your first attempt to pass the audit.  That sounds really stressful and time consuming.


Option 2 - The eQA Way

Or the eQA way... guaranteed certification within weeks... at eQA we live and breathe quality assurance. It's what we do. We know what an auditor is looking for and the right questions to ask your people to get the right information. We'll write your manual for you, review it, train you how to use it effectively and then help you through the audit process.

You'll be ready to go in around six to ten working days.

The choice is yours - certification in months, or just a few weeks? We'll make it simple and stressfree.  

  • Guaranteed certification.... Guaranteed price.

    That’s right. No surprises. We provide a quote and we stick to it. We keep going until it’s finished and the price stays the same. And if unexpected issues crop up we haven’t forecast, that’s our problem not yours.

  • We're not into surprises... Our quotes come without hidden fees.

    There’s nothing worse than receiving a quote with ’travel and expenses extra" in the fine print and receiving a bill much more than you were quoted. At eQA our travel rates are set and we’re upfront and transparent from the start about expenses. Our invoices are clear and straight-forward - no surprises.

  • We stick to what we're good at... So you can get on with your business.

    We don’t pretend to be experts in your business - that’s your job. Our areas of expertise are: Quality Assurance and system consulting. We work with a range of industries, formalising their processes into systems that make sense and satisfy business and QA certification requirements.

    We know the right questions to ask for the information needed to write the procedures for your QA Manual. If you don’t have anything in place, no worries - we’ll simply write the procedures and then test it with you, to make sure it suits your business.

  • We love to travel.

    We work across Australia and overseas.  We come to you, wherever you are. We’re smart travellers and we schedule our trips to keep the costs down. Our quotes are clear-cut and inclusive of all travel expenses.

Getting certified. It's like getting your drivers' licence.

Think of us as your driving instructor. It's as easy as 1.2.3

  • STEP 1
    Just as you have the driving instructor in the car with you, teaching you how to drive correctly, you’ll have your eQA consultant in tow, taking you through the QA process and how it will work in your business.
  • STEP 2
    When the driving instructor feels you’re ready to pass the test they’ll book you in. At this point it’s about your ability to pass, not that you know everything about how to be a good driver. In the same way, when we think you’re on-track to pass an audit we call in the certification auditor. It’s not about having the perfect system, it’s knowing how to use the system and to be compliant with your processes.
  • STEP 3
    Alright, so you've passed the test and are driving the car by yourself, without the help of a driving instructor or testing officer. Here’s where you really learn how to drive. You are now 100% responsible for the decisions you make. Quality Assurance is exactly the same, once you’re certified and you get back into your business without eQA and auditors, that’s when you’ll really learn how to use your QA system and see the benefits.